Hypnotist Leslie Reynolds is an entertaining master stage hypnotist, an experienced clinical hypnotherapist and a mind motivator - all using hypnotic trance techniques and the power of suggestion. Leslie Reynolds offers a wide range of hypnosis audio's. Leslie Reynolds is a full-time professional hypnotist and hypnotherapist. Leslie Reynolds is America's # 1Stage Hypnotist.

*"Voted Americas #1 Stage Hypnotist"
North American Council of Event Coordinators.

"This guy is at the top of his game. You've got to see this show."
Aurba News

"It's easy to see why he was voted # 1"
Honolulu Star Bulletin

"a commanding presents, he held the audience spellbound"
Houston Chronicle

"a man giving birth on stage was a riot"
Maui News

"Pure Gold. An outstanding Stand-up Comedian too."
Dallas Morning News

We invite you to visit the world of Leslie Reynolds Americas # 1 Stage Hypnotist*.